...ditch your issues with low self-esteem, gain confidence, and discover the truth living within you.

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Brittany is the brains and creator behind the Discover Her Truths. Through her work, she desires to empower women to find their voice, ditch fear, gain confidence & begin living a purposeful life.


                                Our Vision

Our strategic plan, EMPOWER, identifies goals that Discover Her Truths will strive towards:

  • Educate and equip women to develop a solid foundation of self-identity.

  • Raise awareness on the issues and affects of low self-esteem.

  • Inspire our community to collectively life its voice to encourage and empower women.

  • Partner with community members to effectively meet the needs of women we serve.



Discover Her Truths is an online community for women who desire to live a life of purpose and self-awareness. For a long time, I have quietly dealt with the underlying issues of low self-esteem. I lived daily with a lack of confidence while choosing to make sacrifices to blend in. Through these attempts to blend in, I have been limited in my ability to reach my true identity and fulfill my life’s purpose.

Through my website, I choose to voice the impact of low self-esteem within women and empower those who desire to embark on a self-discovery journey of their own. My brand aims to reshape what the modern-day woman looks like, in an ever-changing world, by educating and equipping them with the resources needed to not only build a solid foundation of self-identity but to also live an intentional life around their true identity.